About Us

Why the name Pangaea?

     I came up with the name Pangaea in 1991.  The idea came to me for my longing for world peace and scientifically speaking that we are all from the same.  Some 250 million years ago, all the continents were combined to form a supercontinent called Pangaea or Gondwanaland.  I preferred Pangaea (All Earth) for its brevity.  Eventhough, there weren't humans roaming the planet back then, our ancestors did (assuming you believe in science and evolution.  With the idea that our ancestors were once from the same land mass, I wish for us to remember this and know that we are all from the same and should be treated the same as we treat our own.  If this is achievable, then peace can rain on this planet.  If not, then war will continue to harrass all of us, killing loved ones from all sides.  I tell my oldest child that no one wins wars.  The supposed victor of war will suffer greatly as scores of lives are taken.  Inncoence lost.  We must stand up and unite, bring back Pangaea.

Who am I?

     My name is Marret.  I grew up playing Violin in the Suzuki Method starting at the age of 5 years old.  My grandfather was born in Vienna Austria and he was a fine pianist, but worked as an architect.  His father owned a violin school in the mountains of Austria.  My mom insisted on classical music being the only form of music that we played in our house.  My father loved to sing music from the 50's and 60's and he had a good voice.  However, he was forced to abide by my mom's rules of classical music only.  I have to say, through my mom's insanity of rigid adherence to this belief, my mind was developed very strongly for the understanding of music.  

     My favorite music growing up was Mozart, although I enjoyed playing Bach and Vivaldi the best.  My favorite classic rock band is the Allman Brothers Band whom I've seen over 20 times at the Beacon theater where my brother would get me in for free.  But that is another story.  

     In my teenage years, I became interested in Gymnastics through an incredible organization called Sokol.  Our branch, D.A. Sokol in Queens NY was a fully volunteer organization that taught you technically correct progressions while developing your mind for teaching the same to others.  I quickly became a gymnastics instructor, and later won a couple state championships with my boys team.  I was very proud.  My mind of gymnastics quickly develped concurrently with my mind of music as they are one in the same.  Gymnastics is all about rhythm.  If you speed up a skill, you will fall.  If you stay in rhythm, you can ride the wave and make gymnastics look easy.

     My movie will include many depictions of gymnastics and Sokol, as I will forever remain a Sokol.

When did I start playin Guitar?

     One night when I was 18 years old, my brother took me to a Grateful Dead concert in Madison Square Garden.  He got me into the concert for free, but that is another story.  Although I was not enthralled with the music that night, which I had never heard before, as at the time I was listening to U2, The Cure, The Pixies and so on.  I was united with the fan base which was all about being one and together.  Signs of "looking for a miracle" were held outside by scores of people looking to get into the show, and my brother and his crew would give such a miracle, but that is another story.  Anyway, as the show went by, I was continually surrounded by the wierdest music as the band was heavily sedated with God knows what.  At one point, they were playing this enormous saw!  It was wierd.  Then, out of nowhere to me, deep in the second set, the Grateful Dead played Johnny B Goode followed by Good Lovin.  The place was rocking.  I said to myself as I watched the great Jerry Garcia, "I can do that".  So the next day, my brothers friend Johnny Harrison took me to Rudys to buy my first guitar.  The rest is history, and a lot of hard work.