I am looking for any help I can get to launch this masterpiece for all of you.  I know that this moive will get to you no matter what.  I am trying to figure out how to get investors to bring it out fully for all.  One idea is to ask for help to publish one chapter at a time and launch it on the internet for all to see.  This is where the Go Fund Me site works.  The idea is to get $50,000.00 to make one chapter of the 23 chapter epic adventure.  Each chapter is a self contained story within itself.  It also magically connects to the others into a greater story.  With the $50,000.00 that I am hoping to get from Go Fund Me and other investments, I will launch a chapter for free on the interenet.  The idea is that when you see the magic of the music and awesome 3-D Animation telling an awesome aweinspiring story that captures your hearts and minds, the people of the Universe will once agian, invest a penny or two to the next chapter.  After the next chapter is launched and the reviews continue to be stellar, I can't imagine an investment company will not jump on the idea of producing the full movie to be presented in movie theaters and stadiums alike.  After all, if I can collect pennies from everyone, there will be a great following for this movie.  There will be no need for advertising as I will have already teased everyone of what is to come.  When the film comes out in the theaters, there will be packed houses everywhere.

     Yes, I am begging!  But it is for a great cause.  Peace on Earth!

Go Fund Me