A dream I have been working on for 3 decades now.  This is a dream that I had to share the music that has come to me to bring the Universe together.  It culminates into a full feature movie, a Rock Opera to be exact, that tells the story of the Universe from beginning to end.  This story is meant to bring us all together with the cherished knowledge that we are all the chosen ones.  That we are all the spirits and energy of the Universe.  That we have been here since the beginning of time, and we will remain here until the end of time.  Based on the  scientific laws of Issac Newtons "Energy in motion, stays in motion."

          The movie will be a fuly animated musical masterpiece.  I firmly believe that chapter 17 "Lonely Soul" will be the song of the Universe in the 5 billion years from now.  But first, I need to get it out to you.  That is my goal.  To bring light to darkness.  To bring hope to despair.  I believe that we all have a purpose here.  Sometimes the purpose at this time in history is miniscule, but nevertheless, it has a great magnitude.  For example, the homeless man reminds me of the injustices that occurs everyday throughout the Universe.  Not just for mankind, but for all the other beings (chosen ones) throughout the Universe.  

"Let The Flags Rest"

The First Movie